Acoustic Emission Testing

Before acoustic emission testing, oil storage tanks could only be checked for leaks by visually inspecting the inside tank floor. Most companies are usually required to have this done every five years. To do this, all oil in the tank would have to be drained. Following drainage, the whole tank would have to be sandblasted. Inspectors could then go inside the tank and check the floor for damage. This type of damage testing had several draw backs. All the oil that was in the tank upon draining would have to be disposed of; it could not be reused in any way. The price of this procedure could range from 15 to 20 lakh depending on the size of the tank. On top of the high price, the tank itself would be offline and unusable for about 3 months. Note: To view the entire case study, you must first login with your username and password. To create a username and password, click Register. Then you will be sent an e-mail to validate your entry. Once the account has been validated, you can login to this site to access full copies of the case studies.

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