7Even though Aucnet Japan is successful, AUCNET USA is losing the interest of dealers of used cars from its satellite auto auction process. Help the management analyze alternatives and come up with recommendations. Excerpt From Case Study In 1985, Mr. Masataka Fujisaki, an entrepreneur, saw an opportunity to transform the marketplace of wholesale auto auctions in Japan. In this market, large volume dealers sold and bought cars from other dealers; no sales were made to direct consumers. The vehicles were transported weekly to one of several established locations and sold to dealers at live auctions. This traditional method was inefficient because only about 40% of the inventory were sold at any auction. Mr. Fujisaki envisioned a computerized auction system where the dealers did not have to leave their workplace to buy and sell cars. Therefore, he established an auto auction business utilizing information technologies to buy and sell cars in the wholesale market. Note: To view the entire case study, you must first login with your username and password. To create a username and password, click Register. Then you will be sent an e-mail to validate your entry. Once the account has been validated, you can login to this site to access full copies of the case studies.

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