Impact Echo and Business Plan Case Study

64We live in a diverse and changing world. This has become much more evident in the past few years. The social and economical changes in the U.S as well as the technological and urban changes found in emerging countries such as China and India have prompted each of these countries to tack steps toward technological advancements and urban development. A few areas of advancement has caught the worlds focus are, renewable resources, climate change, and the development of affordable healthcare. Many world power are relying on commercial and industry partnered with innovative technology to provide solutions to many of these global concerns. As the commercial and industrial sectors grows to meet the demands of the world, one factor that is many times over looked is the ability to facilitate this growth. Even a well developed country like the U.S is not able to escape the fact that the lack of an adequate infrastructure can stifle growth. Many governments are trying to make sure that the infrastructure needs of industry such as power supply, water supply and transportation needs are being met. There are many new technologies that are able to help maintain the existing infrastructure and assess the safety of new developments. One of these technology that will be the focus of this design team is Impact Echo Testing. This NDE process is important in the evaluation of many systems integral to infrastructure such as roads for transportation, dams for power generation, and many other concrete structures. The device that will be the focus of this design team will be decrease the manpower and time needed to evaluate the structural integrity of various concrete structures. This device will also prove to be more uneconomical than many of the devices that are currently on the market. Continued technological advances with products such as this will ensure that the infrastructure needed will be able to meet the demands of industry and commerce quickly and efficiently.

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